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Zing Rust font

Zing Rust font
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Zing Rust

Zing Rust™ is an extremely huge package of outstandingly handmade 521 fonts!

As its name refers Zing Rust stands for the vital freshness of your ideas and bold designs.

It includes the 4 (four) major sub-families Zing Rust, Zing Script Rust, Zing Sans Rust and Zing Goodies Rust, with the leading star Zing Rust and special mention of  Zing Script Rust having fully functional OpenType features and Contextual Alternates.

The variety of carefully handcrafted styles gives you the opportunity to combine a multitude of sans serifs, scripts, icons, and ribbons with shadows, rust, halftone dots, lines and so on. Each with many weights, giving you the ultimate tools of your imagination.

Last but not least Zing Rust has its own website! There you can see more of the typefaces and play with the composition generator which allows you to make your own design.

Visit the Zing Rust website.


Designed by the Fontfabric team.

Zing Rust D2 Demo Base font

zing-rust-d2-demo-base fontzing-rust-d2-demo-base font bigzing-rust-d2-demo-base font textzing-rust-d2-demo-base font 1

Zing Rust font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
EULA Free Font License Ver. 2.0.pdf 2017-09-07 125 KB
__MACOSX/ 2017-10-04 0 B
__MACOSX/._EULA Free Font License Ver. 2.0.pdf 2017-09-07 222 B
Zing Rust_Specimen.pdf 2017-10-04 2749 KB
__MACOSX/._Zing Rust_Specimen.pdf 2017-10-04 358 B
ZingRustD2Demo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 395 KB
__MACOSX/._ZingRustD2Demo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 222 B
ZingRustDemo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 251 KB
__MACOSX/._ZingRustDemo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 222 B
ZingRustDemo-Sh1.otf 2017-09-07 235 KB
__MACOSX/._ZingRustDemo-Sh1.otf 2017-09-07 222 B
ZingRustLH1Demo-Fill.otf 2017-09-07 734 KB
__MACOSX/._ZingRustLH1Demo-Fill.otf 2017-09-07 222 B
ZingSansRustLDemo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 317 KB
__MACOSX/._ZingSansRustLDemo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 222 B
ZingScriptRustSBDemo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 413 KB
__MACOSX/._ZingScriptRustSBDemo-Base.otf 2017-09-07 222 B

Zing Rust font
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