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Verily Serif Mono font

Verily Serif Mono font
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Verily Serif Mono font

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Verily Serif Mono font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
Verily Serif Mono (Stephen G. Hartke).txt 2006-12-16 713 B
VerilySerifMono.otf 2006-07-23 44 KB
verilyserifmono.png 2006-12-16 31 KB

Verily Serif Mono font

Font Details

Verily Serif Mono is derived from Bitstream Vera Serif with the same proportions as Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. Only the primary ASCII characters have been modified; I have no plans at the moment to modify the extended character set or to do a bold version.
Verily Serif Mono is released under the Vera license, with the exception that the name does not need to be changed from "Verily." Verily is so named since I have seen many posts asking whether a Bitstream Vera Serif Mono font exists; verily, it does now. Download Verily Serif Mono in OpenType format, along with the FontForge source file and auxiliary files. (The download is a gzip'ed tar file (.tgz) since GeoCities does not allow arbitrary file types.)

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