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Varta is a sans serif family that fuses warm humanity with bright clarity and professional crispness whos congenial personality emerges at larger sizes.

It is a variable font that has been designed to render well down to surprisingly small sizes and on both low and high-quality screens, which provides a broad range of utility.

Its features make it well suited to a variety of tasks, including sign systems, editorial design, packaging, and extended reading on screens.

To contribute, see https://github.com/SorkinType/Varta

Varta is published by Sorkin Type .


Joana Correia

Principal design

Joana is a type designer based in Porto, Portugal. She has degrees in architecture and graphic design, and an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. With her strong interest in global linguistic culture, Joana designs typefaces for Indic writing systems, and has developed multilingual work for the Indian Type Foundry and Google Fonts. She teaches type design at ESAD College of Art and Design where she shares her love of letters with students.

www.joanacorreiatype.com  | Twitter


Viktoriya Grabowska

Eben Sorkin


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Varta font
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