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Urzeit font


Fun Fact: URZEIT is german for primeval. So for this font we travelled back in time and found a very antiquated and rustic version of our original font Mind the Caps, which we released some time ago.
Of course we had to recover this special relict for all of you to enjoy and this time were also making its full version completely FREE.

Its original smoothness and rounded edges are now presented with a dirty, rough and vintage look, which gives the font a completely new character and the true feeling of a million year old font discovery. Just like its predecessor you can still use the font for logos, headline or bold statements and it's always an eye-catcher. And of course you can still get the clean original version @www.shapedfonts.com/caps

But thats not all: We also found a cool italic style of Urzeit, which is included with every license purchase @www.shapedfonts.com/urzeit

Please Note: This font is free for personal use ONLY. If you're planning to make profit please buy a standard license. If you're company or client has more than 10 employees please contact us directly:license@shapedfonts.com


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Urzeit font

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Quilt Patches (c) Brittney Murphy 2022 https://www.brittneymurphydesign.com info@brittneymurphydesign.com
By installing or using this font you agree to the following:
You may NOT redistribute this font without written permission.
This font is free for personal use ONLY.
For commercial use, please purchase a license: https://www.brittneymurphydesign.com/downloads/quilt-patches-font/
For more information about licensing, visit: https://www.brittneymurphydesign.com/fonts/licensing-information/

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