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TT Cometus font

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TT Cometus font
TT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 TypeType Publisher TT Cometus TypeType January 31, 2023 4 styles + 1 variable otf, ttf, woff, eot, svg Design Release Date Styles File FormatsTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 2 About TT Cometus Dynamic, attractive and catchy — the new TypeType display font! TT Cometus is an expressive typeface that captivates from the first time you read a text set in it. Despite its massiveness, the typeface is malleable and dynamic, like a comet piercing the space in order to achieve the only goal — to capture the attention of the viewer. TT Cometus is a slab serif whose strong serifs are serifed at the junctions with the verticala stroke to give the typeface a dynamic and modern character. Thanks to this solution, some elements of the font evoke associations with calligraphic works, while display elements remain stable thanks to massive serifs. The pointed endings of the letters c, y, e, t and noticeable inflows of arches and semi-ovals make the character of TT Cometus dynamic. The contrast between the thicknesses of the horizontal and vertical elements is small, but in the serifs, inflows, and letter endings, the contrast is pronounced. The nature of the font is balanced, and its friendliness is supported by the smoothness of shapes. Oriented towards the viewer, flowing yet massive and dynamic, TT Cometus is suitable for use in eye-catching projects. This is a display font that shows its character better in a large body size and can be used in printed materials or on the web. The font looks flawless in headlines and logos, and is suitable for use in branding. TT Cometus consists of 5 faces: 4 upright and one variable font. Each face has 568 glyphs. The font contains 18 OpenType features, including a large number of ligatures, sets of alternative characters for the ampersand and the letter g. 123 AaBb TT Cometus Light 240 ptTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 3 Regular Light Font family TT Cometus consists of 5 faces: 4 upright (Light, Regular, Bold, Black) and one variable font. Each face has 568 glyphs. Bold Black Upright VariableTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 4 These phenomena are due to the effects of solar radiation and the solar wind acting upon the nucleus of the comet. Comets have been observed and recorded since ancient times by many cultures and religions. TT Cometus Bold 24 pt TT Cometus Black 24 pt Examples If sufficiently bright, a comet may be seen from Earth without the aid of a telescope and may subtend an arc of 30° across the sky. A comet is an icy, small Solar Sys - tem body that, when passing close to the Sun, warms and begins to release gases. TT Cometus Light 24 pt TT Cometus Regular 24 ptTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 5 TT Cometus Variable Variable version of TT Cometus font has weight oprtion with the values from 300 to 900. TT Cometus Variable 188 ptTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 6 Supported languages TT Cometus supports more than 120 languages including Western, Central, Northern European languages. English Albanian Basque Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish French German Hungarian Icelandic Irish Italian Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish, Valencian Azerbaijani Kazakh Turkish Indonesian and many othersTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 7 Kometen sind wie Asteroiden Überreste der Entstehung des Sonnensystems und bestehen aus Eis. TT Cometus Regular 90 pt GermanTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 8 Languages Kometalar Gün?şd?n uzaq m?- saf?d? olduqca dumanlı, z?if işıqlanan obyekt kimi görünür- l?r. Gün?ş? yaxınlaşdıqca ?ks t?r?f? yön?lmiş "quyruğu" yara- nır. Kometa yunanca "kometos" sözünd?n olub, "quyruqlu ulduz" dem?kdir. A diferencia de los asteroides, los cometas son cuerpos sólidos compuestos de materiales que se subliman en las cercanías del Sol. Las órbitas periódicas tienen forma de elipses muy ex- céntricas. Entre 2013 y 2017 se encontraron 27 cometas Manx. Une comète est, en astronomie, un petit corps céleste consti- tué d'un noyau de glace et de poussière en orbite (sauf per- turbation) autour d'une étoile. Le Centre des planètes mineures répertorie au 14 janvier 2020 4 352 comètes. När den befinner sig tillräckligt nära solen framträder en synlig koma eller en svans vilka båda främst uppstår på grund av ef- fekten från solstrålning på kom- etkärnan. Kometkärnor är svagt sammanhållna samlingar av is, stoft och mindre stenpartiklar. Azerbaijani Spanish French SwedshTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 9 şùppôrt öf many føreigñ langüåges TT Cometus Black 120 ptTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 10 Mathematical Symbols ÀÁAÂÄAAÅÃÆCCÇCCDDDÈÉEÊËEEEE??ĞGGGGHH?ÌÍ Î ÏİIII I ?ÍJ JKLLL?LNNNÑ??ÒÓÔÖOOÕOØŒ?RRRSŠSŞ?T T? TÙÚUÛ ÜUUUUU?U??W??YYŸ???ZZZ Basic Character Set Latin Uppercase Latin Lowercase Figures Extended Latin Lowercase Punctuation & Symbols Extended Latin Uppercase Glyphs ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqr stuvwxyz 0123456789 àáaâäaaåãæccçccdd?èéeêëeeee??ğgggghh?ı ìí î ï i i i i i ?íj ? jkll l?lnnnñ?ßòóôöooõoøœ?r rr sšsş?tt?tùúuû üuuuuu?u??w??yyÿ???zzz !¡?¿«»‹›.,:;‘’‚“”„...’”"'|¦-–—_\/()[]{}·•* #§©®¶?™@&†‡°^ Currencies -+<>??=?~?¬±×÷%‰¹²³ ¢$€?£¥ƒ¤ Arrows ‹^›vTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 11 OpenType Features Standard Ligatures Tabular Oldstyle Case sensitive Localization Tabular Figures Proportional Oldstyle Glyphs TT Th Th T? Th cy ey ffb ffh ffh ff? ffh ffi ffi ffj ffk ffk ffl ffl ffl ffl ff? ffl fft ffty fft fft fft ff? fty fb ff fh fh f? fh fi fi fj fk fk fl fl fl fl f? fl ft ft ft ft f? rty rt rt rt rt r? ty ty ty tÿ t? t? t? çy èy éy êy ëy cy cy cy cy ey ey ey ey ?y 0123456789 H[ ]( ){ }¡¿«»‹›-–—·•@ ??????ÍJíji 0123456789 0123456789 Contextual Alternates … 0:0 H?H SS01 (Fancy Ampersand and g) SS02 (Alternative H) &ggğggg? HHH?TT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 12 Basic characters ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 TT Cometus Bold 95 ptTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 13 Examples TT Cometus Regular 50 pt TT Cometus Regular 42 pt Cometary nuclei are composed of an amal- gamation of rock, dust, water ice, and frozen carbon dioxide. Comet nuclei with radii of up to 30 kilometers have been observed, but ascertaining their exact size is difficult.TT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 14 Examples TT Cometus Regular 34 pt TT Cometus Regular 26 pt TT Cometus Regular 18 pt TT Cometus Regular 10 pt The surface of the nucleus is dry, dusty or rocky, suggesting that the ices are hidden beneath a surface Results from the Rosetta and Philae spacecraft show that the nucleus of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko has no magnetic field, which suggests that magnetism may not have played a role in the early formation of planetesimals. Roughly six percent of the near-Earth asteroids are thought to be the extinct nuclei of comets that no longer experience outgassing, including 14827 Hypnos and 3552 Don Quixote. The streams of dust and gas thus released form a huge and extremely thin atmosphere around the comet called the "coma". The force exerted on the coma by the Sun's radiation pressure and solar wind cause an enormous "tail" to form pointing away from the Sun. Comet 17P/Holmes briefly had a tenuous dust atmosphere larger than the Sun.TT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 15 A E R E P C S A O TT Cometus Black 170 ptTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 16 Deactivated Activated Tabular Figures Case Sensitive Tabular Oldstyle Ordinals OpenType features 0123456789 0123456789 ({[H]}) 2ao 0123456789 0123456789 ({[H]}) Standard Ligatures Localization ff fi ffi fb IJijL·LŞT ff fi ffi fb ???L?? 2ªº Proportional Oldstyle 0123456789 0123456789 SS01 (Fancy Ampersand and g) SS02 (Alternative H) &g H &g HTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 17 Stylistic alternates TT Cometus font family has a set of stylistic alternates, which make the typeface a bit more humanist when turned on. Halley & Coggia Halley & Coggia Default characters Stylistic alternatesTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 18 Ligatures TT Cometus has a large number of ligatures, that emphasize the expressiveness of the font. The flight efficancy The flight efficancy Default characters LigaturesTT Cometus Font Family Type Specimen www.typetype.org TypeType Foundry, 2023 19 About TypeType Contact us TypeType company was founded in 2013 by Ivan Gladkikh, a type designer with a 10-year experience and Alexander Kudryavtsev an experienced manager. In the past 6 years we’ve released more than 40 font families, and the company has turned into a type foundry with a harmonious team. Our mission is to create and distribute only carefully drawn, thoroughly tested, and per- fectly optimized typefaces which are available to a wide range of customers. Our team unites people who represent diffe- rent countries and continents. Thanks to such cultural diversity, our projects are truly unique and global. TypeType Foundry commercial@typetype.org www.typetype.org Copyright © TypeType Foundry 2013-2023. All rights reserved. For more information about our fonts please visit TypeType Foundry website www.typetype.orgTypeType Trial Fonts End User License Agreement. This is an agreement between you, the purchaser and licensee, and LLC TYPETYPE (TypeType). By downloading, installing and/or embedding this Fonts package, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this End Use Licensing Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the complete agreement between you and TypeType. 1. Right Granted TypeType grants Licensee a worldwide, non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to, for internal testing purposes or student projects only. The Fonts may be embedded into files of the Portable Document Format (PDF), PostScript (PS), and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) types, as well as into websites with the @font-face technology, and into bitmap images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG). Licensee may make available files into which the Fonts are embedded to a third party, if such third party is a customer of the Licensee and as long as the usage of the Fonts meets requirements and restrictions specified in clause 2, namely such usage is allowed for testing and evaluation purposes only. 2. Requirements and Restrictions Licensee agrees to abide by the following requirements and restrictions: a. Licensee may not create products with the Fonts to be used commercially, or personally. Products created with the Fonts are for testing and evaluation purposes only. b. Licensee may not embed the Fonts in any products or webpages that are publicly accessible without prior written consent from TypeType. 3. Provision to Third Parties a. Licensee may NOT provide the Font to a producer, publisher or other agent who is working on behalf of the Licensee except by embedding or linking in accordance with this EULA. b. Licensee may NOT provide the Font to a customer or other third party on whose behalf the Licensee evaluates the Font except demonstration purposes in accordance with this EULA. 4. Other Usage This EULA is a "Trial license”. Licenses for Desktop use, @font-face embedding, computer applications and games, installable interactive books, software, mobile applications and games, Ebooks and Epubs, product creation websites, website template distribution, website templates, and other uses not allowed by this Agreement may be available for an additional fee. Contact TypeType at info@typetype.ru for more information. 5. Modifications Licensee may not modify the Fonts or create derivative works based upon the Fonts without prior written consent from TypeType. EXCEPT THAT Licensee may generate files necessary for embedding or linking in accordance with this EULA. 6. Copyright The Fonts is protected by copyright law. TypeType is the sole, exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights, including rights under copyright and trademark law. Licensee agrees not to use the Fonts in any manner that infringes the intellectual property rights of the TypeType or violates the terms of this EULA. Licensee will be held legally responsible, and indemnifies TypeType. for any infringements, (on the foundry’s rights caused by failure to abide by the terms of this EULA. 7. Termination This EULA is effective until terminated. If Licensee fails to comply with any term of this EULA, TypeType may terminate the EULA with 30 days notice. This EULA will terminate automatically 30 days after the issuance of such notice. 8. Governing Law This EULA is governed by the laws of Russian Federation, 9. Waiver The waiver of one breach or default hereunder shall not constitute the waiver of any subsequent breach or default. www.typetype.org trial fonts 01 – 19 2022 THANK Y OU F OR CHOOSING OUR F ONTS01 Information about the studio 02 Several interesting cases 03 Our killer features and offers What you will find in this presentation www.typetype.org trial fonts 02 – 192022 30+ people in our team 45000+ clients 35+ client projects 9 years on the font market 75+ proprietary fonts About TypeType www.typetype.org trial fonts 03 – 19MORE ON WEBSITE www.typetype.org trial fonts 04 – 19 Partners and ClientsUse TT Norms Pro on the official site In videos and motion design   www.typetype.org trial fonts 05 – 19TT Supermolot in use in the design of the entire product  www.typetype.org trial fonts 06 – 1901 Distribution of fonts that we create for our collection 02 We create fonts to individual order using cutting edge technologies 03 Collection Corporate fonts Customization We fit our fonts to the demands of specific projects Our specialization www.typetype.org trial fonts 07 – 1901 15% discount in the 30 days following the download of a trial font 02 With the purchase of a large license, we make changes to the font for free 03 Discount Customizations Licenses We change licenses according to clients’ demands Killer features www.typetype.org trial fonts 08 – 19www.typetype.org trial fonts 09 – 19 › Font catalog In our collection, there are 60+ fonts that are different in character and application scope, so there's a suitable font for every project. The studio's steady bestsellers are TT Norms® Pro, TT Commons Pro, and the uniwidth TT Fellows that have become popular thanks to the versatility of use. 60+ Font collectionwww.typetype.org trial fonts 10 – 19 A font is a part of the corporate style and its signature, that is why we create corporate fonts with special care. Within such a font, it is possible to create several subfamilies for different purposes, for example, a display family for headings and a text family to use in an application or in text arrays. Corporate fontDeveloped a font family. 5 heading faces for all visual communication materials and logos. 5 text faces for use on the website and in interfaces.    www.typetype.org trial fonts 11 – 19   6 heading faces to use on the website. 5 text faces to use on the website and in interfaces. 2 monowidth fonts to use within products. › View works www.typetype.org trial fonts 12 – 19Any font you like from the TypeType collection can be adapted to your project by making technical or graphic edits. Customization enables getting an absolutely new font by changing only a few details. With the purchase of large licenses, we carry out customization as a present. Customization www.typetype.org trial fonts 13 – 19   Changes the drawing of the letter ?, making it slightly inclined to the left. Replaced the square points in the drawings of characters and letters «! ? . , ; : … · j i» with round ones. Set the one-storey shape of the letter ? as default and moved the two-storey letter to a stylistic set. True digital www.typetype.org trial fonts 14 – 19› View works    Carried out deep customization. Drew and implemented Vietnamese into the TT Trailers font. Added three sets with “pet-friendly” diacritics for Vietnamese. www.typetype.org trial fonts 15 – 19 PetchoyWith the purchase of a license of a certain price, we carry out font customization for free. from $1000 We embed the logo into the font from $2000 We add the name of the company into the name of the font from $3500 We carry out technical customization Customization www.typetype.org trial fonts 16 – 19Customization www.typetype.org trial fonts 17 – 19 License price Over $1000 Over $2000 Over $3500 Over $4500 Over $10000 Embedding logo into the font Adding company name to the font name Technical customization Graphic customization: adding 3 glyphs Deep customizationwww.typetype.org trial fonts 18 – 19 The TypeType team can deal with any font task! If in this presentation you have not found a topic that interests you, ask us. We love reading letters, answering questions, hosting online meetings, and discussing new projects. More font aesthetics here: typetype.orgMore font aesthetics here: typetype.org www.typetype.org trial fonts 19 – 19 typetype.org Anastasia Borodkina Customer department specialist trial@typetype.org Your personal manager Instagram Facebook Behance TT Cometus font download, TT Cometus font.