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Neumann font

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Our latest release is the Didones inspired – sturdy and “mechanical” Neumann. It all started with the idea of a revival of the Quirinus typeface, designed by Alessandro Butti and published by the Italian type foundry Nebiolo back in 1939. We first saw the typeface back in 2012 in the Vasil Ionchev’s book “??????? ???? ????????” (not translated in English) and instantly fell in love with it – it was a different kind of high-contrast design – way more technical looking than the other didones.
After a quick research we found out that at that time there was no digital version of Quirinus, or at least no digital version of the light/regular design, only a bold version was being sold by Monotype. So the idea of a revival was the logical one.
We only had few pictures of how the regular weight looked like, so not long after that we started to tweak and change a lot of the features, aiming for a more classic looking design. The final design is the result of almost three years wandering between design decisions and constant changes.
With the Neumann typeface we try to add a bit of fresh air in the Didones scene with its more rectangular look and more manly appearance. It comes supporting both the Latin and Cyrillic codepages.

Neumann font
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