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Syne Mono font

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The Syne family was originally designed in 2017 for the Art Center "Synesthésie", based in Saint-Denis — a suburb of Paris. The Art Center aims to gather diverse artistic personalities in order to create new and enriching situations. Based on that idea, Syne is an exploration of atypical associations of weights and styles.

Syne Mono is another take on letting go of control. Based on Syne Regular, it has been processed by Bonjour Monde’s DataFace tool, automatically switching on-curve points into off-curve ones and vice-versa.

Checkout the other two members of this heteroclite family: Syne  and Syne Tactile .

Syne was conceptualized by Bonjour Monde and designed by Lucas Descroix with the help of Arman Mohtadji. To contribute, see gitlab.com/bonjour-monde/fonderie/syne-typeface


Bonjour Monde

Principal design

Bonjour Monde is a working group looking into alternative processes in the field of visual creation. Functioning mostly through workshops and self-initiated experiments, they question tools, open and understand them in order to divert them from their initial function, in an infinite search for noise, error and happy accidents.

Lucas Descroix

Lucas Descroix is a type and graphic designer who likes to draw shapes and build systems. After researching at the National Institute for Typographic Research in Nancy (Fr), he is now designing typefaces, books, posters and visual identities. You can also find him experimenting alternative tools and organizing workshops with Bonjour Monde.


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Syne Mono font
Syne Mono font download, Syne Mono font.