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Strawberry Blossom font

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Strawberry Blossom font
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Hello, and thank you for downloading this font.


This font is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY!


But if you want to get a commercial license, it’s available at: http://www.stereo-type.fr

The full commercial version includes a huge set of alternate glyphs, contextual ligatures, and underlinings to create your own style, plus a complete font file called Strawberry Flowers!


Every lowercase is provided with at least one alternate!


I made it with love, so I hope you’ll love to use it !


Clem | StereoType

Strawberry Blossom font

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Strawberry Blossom font zip file contents

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Strawberry Blossom font
Strawberry Blossom font download, Strawberry Blossom font.