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Shylock NBP Font font

Shylock NBP Font font
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Shylock NBP font

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Shylock NBP Font font

Font Details

made by Nate Halley
using FontStruct
Version 1.1
Date: 9 November 2012

A pixel font ideal for main text on small displays (use with Smart Patrol NBP for maximum effectiveness!)

-Fixed a design issue in lower "y"
-Added Cyrillic characters
-Added Extended Latin characters
-Added Greek characters

Shylock is Creative Commons (by-sa) Attribution Share Alike. That means it's free to download and use. You can also upload it to another website but only as long as you give me credit for making it. You can even make changes to it as long as you give me credit for making the first version and license your new version as CC-BY-SA too.
For more information, go to:

Once you install this font, find 2 ways to make the world, the country, your home state/province/county, or your hometown better than it is. Even if it's just recycling your newspaper instead of tossing it on the rubbish.

If you're upgrading from a previous version of this font, find 2 ways you contribute to global de-evolution (like letting Big Business or peer pressure influence your choices or believing outlandish gossip about people without verifying it first) and take steps to change.

Of course, you're not obligated by law to do either of these.... it's just a request from a Sensible Human who wants our world to change.

Duty now for the future.

Nate547 (Total FontGeek)

Shylock NBP Font font download, Shylock NBP Font font.