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Shaky Hand Some Comic font

Shaky Hand Some Comic font
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Shaky Hand Some Comic font

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Shaky Hand Some Comic font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
Shaky Hand Some Comic.otf 2013-02-10 26 KB
Shaky Hand Some Comic.txt 2013-02-10 1 KB
Shaky Hand Some Comic_3D.otf 2013-02-10 70 KB
Shaky Hand Some Comic_bold.otf 2013-02-10 44 KB
Shaky-Hand-Some-Comic_sample.png 2013-02-10 31 KB

Shaky Hand Some Comic font

Font Details

Shaky Hand Some Comic - free font for personal use

Version 1.0

This font is freeware for personal use.
Feel free to distribute this font.
You may but this font on CDs, websites,... with the following restrictions:

-Editing is not allowed,
don't distribute an edited version of this font!
-Do not rename this font!
-Do not sell this font!
-Do not handle it as your own work!
(Please named by Designer. For Example "Shaky Hand Some Comic by Manuel Viergutz, download at www.dafont.com/manuel-viergutz.d2029")

-Do not pass the font without this textfile!
-Make sure you have downloaded the latest update from www.dafont.com/manuel-viergutz.d2029 for best optical results.


If you want to use this for commercial projects, please contact me:

I also appreciate it if you send me links/images of your (non)-commercial work featuring this font.

I hope you enjoy this font.
If you have further questions, please contact me.



Manuel Viergutz ? 2013 - All Rights Reserved

Shaky Hand Some Comic font download, Shaky Hand Some Comic font.