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Shaded Larch font

Shaded Larch font
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Shaded Larch PERSONAL USE ONLY font

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Shaded Larch font

Font Details

By installing or using this font you agree to the Product Usage Agreement:


This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and requires a license for commercial use.
The font license can be purchased at:

Please read "What license do I need?" for more info:


Larch is a clear and crisp high quality script typeface.
It consists of five weights: White, Bright, Shaded, Dark & Black.
Each style is working great separately, but they
make the perfect combination together.
Larch is designed by M?ns Greb?ck in 2016.

The font supports hundreds of languages.
It contains contextual and stylistic alternates, swashes and ligatures.

Write # after any lowercase letter to make swashes!

You can also write % after the following letters to make left swashes:
b d f h i j k l t

Example: Black% Lar#ch

(If it does not work, make sure your software supports ligatures, and
that the ligature function is activated.)


For further information, please read the FAQ:

Shaded Larch font download, Shaded Larch font.