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SB Phormic font

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SB Phormic is a grunge typeface with hybrid DNA, spliced together from two other typefaces. Its genesis was the interpolation of SB Tokyo and SB Liquid, creating something new, yet strangely reminiscent of them both. The resulting letterforms have a distressed mechanical look, perhaps like something you might find on the output from a fax machine or some other text generating machine. There are pixel like forms in there, but they appear broken and distorted, giving the impression of damaged electronics or corroded machinery. SB Phormic works well in these contexts, as a distressed typeface to convey the feeling invoked by seeing the decaying remnants of heavy industry or the technological scrapheaps of abandoned technology.

This font contains 374 glyphs.
Supports 37 languages.


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SB Phormic font
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