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SantaBarbaraStreets font

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SantaBarbaraStreets Font




SantaBarbaraStreets font

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SantaBarbaraStreets font

Font Details

This font, Santa Barbara Streets, is based on the street signs used in the city
of Santa Barbara, Ca and some surrounding areas.

The street signs are all in upper case, but I have added lower case letters of
my own design which I hope match.

The street signs also contain digits (for the street numbers of the block).
These digits are 1/3 the height of the main letters on the sign and are a dull
sans-serif font. I don't think they match the rest of the font and have added
digits of my own design. If you wish the original digits they are available
under the OpenType feature ss02 (Style Set 02).

In addition to tiny digits, the abbreviations for "Rd", "St", etc. are also at
1/3 the normal font height. Tiny letters and digits are available under OpenType
feature ss01.

Some signs include letters which are 2/3 the height of the main letters of the
sign. These are sometimes used in a small-caps context and are available under
the two small-caps features.

This font is available for use under the Open Font License with reserved font
name "Santa Barbara Streets". Copyright (c) 2013, 2014 by George Williams.

SantaBarbaraStreets font download, SantaBarbaraStreets font.