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Pyke's Peak Zero font

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PykesPeakZero font

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Pyke's Peak Zero font

Font Details

P Y K E ' S P E A K a s e n t i n e l t y p e designed by James Arboghast

Pyke's Peak is a spirit type descended from Paeleoflex: The Angel of the Odd. Wraith-like forms mix Roman inscriptional letters with an ar'deco theme for an ethereal graphic art effect. Suitable for magazines and editorial design, book jackets & interiors, posters & broadsides, art & craft objects and other things needing a touch of the extraordinary.

Over 500 extra characters give Pyke's Peak unusual range and ability. Mirror capitals, phantom forms, dot phantoms, "superposed" (overlapping) ligatures, capitalized ligatures and fitted pairs for hours of trippy rub-down arcadian magic.

Includes hanging numerals, lining numerals, full punctuation, standard math & monetary symbols. Accented characters for Latin 1 and Latin 2 cover the following languages: Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Available in OpenType format only.

This typeface is dedicated to Australian musician James "Jock" Paull, who is a free spirit.

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