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Patched font

NOTE: This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

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Patched font

Font Details

By installing or using this font you agree to the Product Usage Agreement: http://www.mansgreback.com/pua
This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and requires a license for commercial use. The font license can be purchased at: http://www.mansgreback.com/fonts/patched
Please read "What license do I need?" for more info: http://www.mansgreback.com/license
Patched is a multi-faceted, victorian-era serif typeface for when you need something more than plain text. Get that extra attention while adding a genuine, original appearance to your message.
Patched was designed from scratch to give a sense quality and depth. Its designer Mans Greback has created a typeface with a complex structure, yet one that will be easy to master. This work will suit every style, taste and skill level. It is a decorative and completely hand-drawn design in vintage lettering, with the perks and flexibility of present-day technology, which is exactly what you'd expect from a modern typeface.
Whether you are making a decorative floral headline, drawing a cowboy logo, or creating a unique design based on this ornamental font, the hopes are that Patched can give you a set of tools and inspiration to bring out the best of your artistry. Standing on the shoulders of giants, it was inspired by a wide range of works, and will hopefully be able to continue to teach and inspire future artists. Or at least help you become a better designer when you're designing an elegant and classic headline.
Set the coloring of Patched to light gold and cream tones to apply a luxurious look, or in dark tones for a more rugged impression. Bold, bright colors will make it appear
In the mid-1800s, decorative design flourished in the Western major cities. Victorian style thrived and encouraged techniques such as enamelling, embroidery and calligraphy. From the 1880s onwards, there were a series of reactions to higher Victorian tastes, with Art Deco reaching the heights of the 20th century. However, the Victorian art persisted popularity, as it changed to more sophisticated designs which made it more attractive to specific professions and groups.
The evolution of the Victorian style in the mid-20th century was a key factor in the succession of the movement. Classic shops and salons, sport designs and traditional festivals, and later Rock'n'Roll and Harley Davidson-themed graphics ?inspired the continued development of the art.
Aspiring to carry on this tradition, this typeface family consists twelve different high-quality variations. The main ones are Patched and Patched In – an outlined variation – and each one provided in five weights: Thin, Light, Medium, Bold and Black. Additionally, the two rough fonts Hangaround and Prospects, that tries to grasp the rough, earthy atmosphere of a shady motorcycle club.
The font is built with advanced OpenType functionality and has a guaranteed top-notch quality, containing stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures and more features; all to give you full control and customizability.
It has extensive lingual support, covering all Latin-based languages, from North Europa to South Africa, from America to South-East Asia. It contains all characters and symbols you'll ever need, including all punctuation and numbers.
For further information, please read the FAQ: http://www.mansgreback.com/faq

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