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Munson font

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There was a typeface by a company called Stephenson Blake Co. in Sheffield. This typeface was made around 1815 and was called Consort. It was a bracketed slab serif face with ball terminals where appropriate. I have obtained scanned documents and typeface samples from that era which depict the Consort typeface and I have attempted to re-create the look and style of that typeface in a modern font.
I have photographs of an incomplete set of the Consort typeface, I have filled in the gaps and some of the characters in the Consort typeface were not to my liking so I have designed Munson according to my own aesthetic preferences and with a great deal of artistic license.
There is also much of Clarendon in Munson. The Clarendon typeface was first made by Robert Besley in London in 1845 and is particularly well known. Munson is an amalgamation of all these influences, a sort of hybrid between the Consort and Clarendon with some of my own influence thrown in for good measure.
Why ?
Because I needed a 'Clarendon' style typeface and couldn't find any free ones with good quality and a decent design of italic.
There are some passable free Clarendon imitations but most either don't have italics or think that italic means oblique.
Thats why!
This is a font which I have created myself without using anything directly digitaly copied from other fonts. This typeface is my property.
There was copying but this was done by hand and eye rather than by copy and paste.
22nd July 2017
Updated the files which eliminates a MAJOR problem with the Open Type features and Localisation of languages. Eveyone who dowloaded the previous version is encouraged to download the update as this solves a major problem with the first release.

Munson font
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