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Linux Biolinum Font Family font

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Linux Biolinum Font Family font
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Linux Biolinum font

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LinBiolinum_RIah.ttf 2012-07-02 729 KB
LinBiolinum_Rah.ttf 2012-07-02 642 KB
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README 2012-07-02 2 KB
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ToDo.txt 2012-07-02 232 B

Linux Biolinum Font Family font

Font Details

Tasks that need to be done. You are welcome to contribute:

Liberine Bold and BoldItalic: Inferiors und Superiors are not yet all emboldened. Use uni2099 as reference.
Greek and Cyrillic glyph maps aren't completely emboldenend, yet

Linux Biolinum Font Family font download, Linux Biolinum Font Family font.