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Kids Corner Font font

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Kids Corner Font


Kids Corner font

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Kids Corner Font font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
Kids Corner/desktop.ini 2017-09-25 142 B
Kids Corner/Hangry Panda_READ ME.txt 2017-09-24 444 B
Kids Corner/kids corner pangram .jpg 2017-09-25 852 KB
Kids Corner/KidsCorner-Regular.ttf 2017-07-20 16 KB
Kids Corner/KidsCorner-Regular-1.otf 2017-07-16 16 KB

Kids Corner Font font

Font Details


Thank you for downloading this font.

It is free for personal use but please consider donating
or linking to hangrypanda.co.uk if you want it for commercial use.

Character glyphs have been reduced to limit commercial use without a licence.
If there are any characters that you want/need specifically, please contact me.

Drop me an email at hello@hangrypanda.co.uk or tweet me @HangryPanda_

Liz @ HangryPanda

Kids Corner Font font download, Kids Corner Font font.