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Jost is an original font created by indestructible type*. It is inspired by 1920s German sans-serifs. This is version 3.7. Jost is designed and maintained by Owen Earl, who is the creator of the font foundry indestructible type*. in 2020 Owen Earl, and Mirko Velimirovic worked together to make Jost a variable font.

If you have questions or want to help out, please contribute at github.com/indestructible-type/Jost .


Owen Earl

Principal design

Owen Earl is a type designer who thrives on high quality, versatile, modern typography that is accessible to everybody. He is running Indestructible Type which focuses on recreating historical bestseller fonts, distributing them for free with a full range of widths and styles.



These fonts are licensed under the Open Font License .

You can use them freely in your products & projects - print or digital, commercial or otherwise. However, you can't sell the fonts on their own.

This isn't legal advice, please consider consulting a lawyer and see the full license for all details.


Jost font
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