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IBM Plex Sans Condensed font

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IBM Plex™ is the new corporate typeface for IBM worldwide and an open source project developed by the IBM Brand & Experience team (BX&D). Plex is an international typeface family designed to capture IBM’s brand spirit and history, and to illustrate the unique relationship between mankind and machine—a principal theme for IBM since the turn of the century. The result is a neutral, yet friendly Grotesque style typeface that balances design with the engineered details that make Plex™ distinctly IBM. The family includes a Sans Sans Condensed Mono , and Serif  and has excellent legibility in print, web and mobile interfaces. Plex’s three designs work well independently, and even better together. Use the Sans as a contemporary compadre, the Serif for editorial storytelling, or the Mono to show code snippets. The unexpectedly expressive nature of the italics give you even more options for your designs. To contribute to the project, visit github.com/IBM/plex

IBM Plex Sans Condensed font
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