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Hyatheus font

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Newest Update: 24th April, 2019 (24/4/2019)
This font is now discontinued. However, I am working on a complete revamp - which should hopefully be ready soon. It will feature a bunch of new characters, ligatures, and overall improvements, but it will be uploaded as a separate font.
(In case you remember my last update and would like any new info on that, I found a new tool to edit it, and it is much more powerful.)
Hyatheus, a simple, bold, and yet unique font - recommended to use with a font size of 20 or bigger. Enjoy! Idea, Design, and everything else made by q_Maxi_p.
It currently contains all
-Basic Latin
-Latin Supplement
-Latin Extended A
-Latin Extended B*
-IPA Extensions
-Spacing Modifying Characters
-Diacritical Mark Generation
-Greek & Coptic
-Cyrillic Supplement
Characters, as of version 1.2.
For a more specific change log, I've included it in the Zip archive.
If you want any specific character set added, just tell me, and I'll start working on it right away!
Besides that, I'll prioritize on extending Punctuation and script supplements- and I'll probably add other simple scripts such as Armenian in the near future.
Thank you so, so much for over 5 thousand downloads! This is unbelievable!!

Hyatheus font
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