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High Voltage Heavy Rough font

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High Voltage Heavy Rough font

The Heavy and Rough brother of HighVoltage Font, secondary option for HighVoltage Heavy.

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High Voltage Heavy Rough font

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Font Terms and Conditions - Fonts are free for personal and non-profit projects. - Personal works displayed online using the fonts must provide the font source. - A commercial license is needed for any work made to generate income.
Commercial License - The license is granted for lifetime, for any kind of project, worldwide, for one individual or company. - The license is non-exclusive, non-transferable and usable with no royalties. - The license can be purchased with a $20 payment on PayPal to levi@loremipsum.ro
Notes - The process doesn't require a PayPal account and the payment receipt proves you a legible user of the font. - After the payment the copyright free font is sent to your email address. - For invoices or other forms of license please write to levi@loremipsum.ro
Thank you, Levi

High Voltage Heavy Rough font download, High Voltage Heavy Rough font.