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Arapça Ramazan font

Arapça Ramazan font
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Felicitation Arabic_Ramadan font

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Arapça Ramazan font zip file contents

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Felicitation Arabic_Ramadan.ttf 2015-02-08 50 KB
FelicitationArabic_Ramadan.pdf 2015-02-08 200 KB
Font License.txt 2015-01-10 442 B
Sughayer Foundry.jpg 2015-01-28 39 KB
Felicitation Arabic_Ramadan.png 2015-02-08 350 KB

Arapça Ramazan font

Font Details

Commercial use requires a modest fee (10$ USD for any font) which can be paid using designer's account here:-
Bank Name:
Bank Of America
Routing (ABA):
Account Number:
Account Type:
Deposit Account
The transaction receipt for any shareware "commercial license" purchase will suffice as proof of license.

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