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Coco Sharp font


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Coco Sharp is the newest evolution of the Coco typographic project, developed since 2013 by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini for the foundry Zetafonts, with the help of Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli. Influenced by vernacular grotesques sign-painting and modernist ideals, and inspired by the classy aesthetic of fashion icon Coco Chanel, Coco is drawn on a classic geometric sans skeleton but applies humanist proportions and visual corrections to key letters with the aim to create a warmer, subtly vintage texture on the page and on the screen.

Coco Sharp drops the rounded corners of previous incarnations (Coco Gothic and Cocogoose) to pair the typeface display and logo capability with a sharper definition for text use. As in the other Coco families, a wide range of alternate letterforms allows to express different historical moods, including elegant, quirky and unexpected designs able to transform a simple word in a memorable wordmark.    

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Coco-Sharp-Regular-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 412 KB
Coco-Sharp-Light-Italic-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 289 KB
Coco-Sharp-Extrabold-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 524 KB
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Coco-Sharp-Italic-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 279 KB
Coco-Sharp-Extrabold-Italic-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 302 KB
Coco-Sharp-Bold-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 515 KB
Coco-Sharp-Heavy-Italic-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 316 KB
Coco-Sharp-Extralight-Italic-trial.ttf 2021-11-18 285 KB

Coco Sharp font

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Shortbread Cookies (c) Brittney Murphy 2021 https://brittneymurphydesign.com info@brittneymurphydesign.com
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