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Blacker font
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Blacker Font


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Blacker is a wedge serif type family designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli as a take on the contemporary "evil serif" genre: typefaces with high contrast, 1970s-evoking proportions and sharp wedge serifs.

Design details have been fine-tuned in two subfamilies: the display variant offers tighter kerning, higher contrast and sharper corners for maximum effect at big sizes, while the text variant offers better readability and screen rendering with lower contrast. Each subfamily comes in six weights from light to heavy, with matching true italics, for a full range of editorial and advertising uses.

Blacker features an extended character set that covers over seventy languages using the latin alphabet, as well as Russian Cyrillic. Open type features include small caps, four sets of figures, fractions, superior & inferior figures, alternate forms and discretionary ligatures.


Blacker Display font

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Blacker font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
Blacker_Commercial information.pdf 2018-05-31 898 KB
Blacker-Display-Bold-italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 458 KB
Blacker-Display-Bold-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 456 KB
Blacker-Display-ExtraBold-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 463 KB
Blacker-Display-ExtraBold-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 462 KB
Blacker-Display-Heavy-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 457 KB
Blacker-Display-Heavy-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 457 KB
Blacker-Display-Light-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 460 KB
Blacker-Display-Light-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 456 KB
Blacker-Display-Medium-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 460 KB
Blacker-Display-Medium-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 458 KB
Blacker-Display-Regular-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 462 KB
Blacker-Display-Regular-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 460 KB
Blacker-Family-CC-BY-NCLicensepdf.pdf 2018-05-31 218 KB
Blacker-Text-Bold-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 459 KB
Blacker-Text-Bold-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 463 KB
Blacker-Text-Book-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 468 KB
Blacker-Text-Book-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 472 KB
Blacker-Text-Heavy-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 456 KB
Blacker-Text-Heavy-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 459 KB
Blacker-Text-Light-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 471 KB
Blacker-Text-Light-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 474 KB
Blacker-Text-Medium-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 463 KB
Blacker-Text-Medium-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 467 KB
Blacker-Text-Regular-Italic-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 468 KB
Blacker-Text-Regular-trial.ttf 2018-05-31 471 KB

Blacker font
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