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Berton - the third in the Zetafonts Signature artist-designed fonts - was hand drawn by italian illustrator Matteo Berton and lovingly digitized by Zetafonts to be used as main lettering font of the graphic novel “Voyage au Centre de la Terre” edited by La Pasteque, a lavishly illustrated re-telling of the classic Jules Verne tale. Born to complement the artist unique digital painting style, Berton follows the Didot proportions with handmade quirks and differences, made natural by the programmed randomization of three different sets of alphabetic glyphs, to give a consistent and realistic handmade look. The chalky, rough finish is designed mainly for small point text size, to give a natural appearance to small texts, captions and any time you need hand-written notes to look realistic, elegant and readable.

Berton Voyage font

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Berton font zip file contents

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Berton-Family-CC-BY-NCLicensepdf.pdf 2018-06-19 218 KB
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__MACOSX/._Berton-Family-CC-BY-NCLicensepdf.pdf 2018-06-19 222 B
Berton-Roman-trial.ttf 2018-06-19 702 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton-Roman-trial.ttf 2018-06-19 222 B
Berton-Voyage-trial.ttf 2018-06-19 680 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton-Voyage-trial.ttf 2018-06-19 222 B
Berton1.png 2018-06-14 158 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton1.png 2018-06-14 299 B
Berton2.png 2018-06-14 275 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton2.png 2018-06-14 299 B
Berton3.png 2018-06-14 861 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton3.png 2018-06-14 299 B
Berton4.png 2018-06-14 302 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton4.png 2018-06-14 299 B
Berton5.png 2018-06-14 125 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton5.png 2018-06-14 299 B
Berton6.png 2018-06-18 342 KB
__MACOSX/._Berton6.png 2018-06-18 549 B

Berton font
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