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Asgard Wide font


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Francesco Canovaro designed Asgard as a way to mix his passion for the raw energy of extra bold sans serif typography with the expressivity of high contrast and calligraphy-inspired letterforms. He built the typeface around a strong geometric sans skeleton, to make the letters feel solid and powerful while using wood-type vernacular solutions to solve density through high contrast details. The typeface name was chosen as an homage to the mythical homeland of the Norse Gods, evoking a land of fierce warriors, power and strength - but also of divine, delicate beauty.

Thanks to the help of Andrea Tartarelli and Mario de Libero the original design was extended along with the design space, expanding the number of weights and widths with a "workhorse typeface" approach, and adding also a slanted axis to experiment with italics. The result is a super-family of 9 styles of 8 weights for a total of 72 fonts, each coming with an extended set of 968 glyphs covering over 200 languages using Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts. The three variation axes (width, weight, slant) are also all accessible in a variable font version that is included with the whole family.   

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Font NameDateFile Size
AsgardTrial-WideRegularBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 187 KB
AsgardTrial-WideFatBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 211 KB
AsgardTrial-WideThinBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 155 KB
AsgardTrial-WideLightItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 165 KB
AsgardTrial-WideLight.ttf 2021-12-13 162 KB
AsgardTrial-WideBoldBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 210 KB
AsgardTrial-WideXboldItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 213 KB
AsgardTrial-WideFat.ttf 2021-12-13 205 KB
Asgard-Family-CC-BY-NCLicensepdf.pdf 2021-11-18 218 KB
Asgard-by-zetafonts.png 2021-11-18 420 KB
AsgardTrial-WideXlightItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 162 KB
AsgardTrial-WideLightBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 166 KB
AsgardTrial-WideXboldBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 207 KB
AsgardTrial-WideBoldItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 211 KB
AsgardTrial-WideXlightBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 163 KB
AsgardTrial-WideThinItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 154 KB
AsgardTrial-WideRegularItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 186 KB
AsgardTrial-WideXbold.ttf 2021-12-13 204 KB
AsgardTrial-WideMediumBackslant.ttf 2021-12-13 209 KB
AsgardTrial-WideFatItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 212 KB
AsgardTrial-WideMediumItalic.ttf 2021-12-13 209 KB
AsgardTrial-WideBold.ttf 2021-12-13 205 KB
AsgardTrial-WideMedium.ttf 2021-12-13 204 KB
AsgardTrial-WideThin.ttf 2021-12-13 151 KB
AsgardTrial-WideXlight.ttf 2021-12-13 159 KB
AsgardTrial-WideRegular.ttf 2021-12-13 183 KB

Asgard Wide font

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Autografia is a high-quality signature typeface.
The typeface family is provided in five weights: Thin, Light, Medium, Bold and Black. The weights compliment each other and makes for a truly formative script typeface, to be used in any context and with the right assertion.
Autografia's large, round capital letters contrast against its short and streamlined lower case, resulting in a characteristic autograph style.
Use underscore _ anywhere in a word to make an underline. Example: Sign_ature Use multiple underscores for different underlines. Example: Hand_____writing (Download required.)
The font is built with advanced OpenType functionality and has a guaranteed top-notch quality, containing stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures and more features; all to give you full control and customizability. It has extensive lingual support, covering all Latin-based languages, from North Europe to South Africa, from America to South-East Asia. It contains all characters and symbols you'll ever need, including all punctuation and numbers.
For further information, please read the FAQ: http://www.mansgreback.com/faq

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