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Artisual Deco font

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Artisual Deco font

NOTE: This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

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img/artisual-deco_flag.png 2021-01-30 133 KB
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img/artisual-deco_poster06.png 2021-01-30 98 KB
ArtisualDecoBlack_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.otf 2021-05-21 67 KB
ArtisualDecoBlackItalic_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.otf 2021-05-21 72 KB
ArtisualDecoRegular_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.otf 2021-05-21 67 KB
ArtisualDecoRegularItalic_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.otf 2021-05-21 71 KB
ArtisualDecoThin_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.otf 2021-05-21 65 KB
ArtisualDecoThinItalic_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.otf 2021-05-21 71 KB
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Artisual Deco font

Font Details

By installing or using this font you agree to the Product Usage Agreement: http://www.mansgreback.com/pua
This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and requires a license for commercial use. The font license can be purchased at: http://www.mansgreback.com/fonts/artisual-deco
Please read "What license do I need?" for more info: http://www.mansgreback.com/license
Inspired by 1920's Art Deco, Artisual Deco is a 2020's celebration dedicated to the hundred-year-old history of geometric design. This retro typeface will be the perfect fit for your logo designs or graphic project.
Drawn, created and published in 2021, the typeface has vintage letterforms with a classy personality.
Artisual Deco contains ten high-quality styles: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold and Black with each weight provided as Upright and Italic.
It has extensive lingual support, covering all Latin-based languages, from North Europa to South Africa, from America to South-East Asia. It contains all characters and symbols you'll ever need, including all punctuation and numbers.
For further information, please read the FAQ: http://www.mansgreback.com/faq

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