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Aracne Condensed Font Family font

Aracne Condensed Font Family font
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Aracne Condensed Regular font

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Aracne Condensed Font Family font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
ARACNE-CONDENSED_light.otf 2014-02-17 138 KB
ARACNE-CONDENSED_light.ttf 2014-02-17 199 KB
ARACNE-CONDENSED_light_italic.otf 2014-02-17 139 KB
ARACNE-CONDENSED_light_italic.ttf 2014-02-17 190 KB
ARACNE-CONDENSED_regular.otf 2014-02-17 160 KB
ARACNE-CONDENSED_regular.ttf 2014-02-17 296 KB
ARACNE-CONDENSED_regular_italic.otf 2014-02-17 167 KB
ARACNE-CONDENSED_regular_italic.ttf 2014-02-17 220 KB
readme_Aracne.txt 2012-11-13 388 B

Aracne Condensed Font Family font

Font Details

Typeface ? ANTIPIXEL. 2012. All Rights Reserved
Julia Martinez Diana.

All commercial uses of any of my fonts requires a licensing fee. Please contact me to info@antipixel.com.ar with any questions beforehand.

Todo uso comercial de esta tipografia requiere el pago de su licencia. Por favor, contactame por cualquier duda a info@antipixel.com.ar

Aracne Condensed Font Family font download, Aracne Condensed Font Family font.