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Aisy Khadijah font

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Aisy Khadijah


Aisy Khadijah font

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Aisy Khadijah font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
Aisy Khadijah note.txt 2018-09-15 248 B
AisyKhadijah.otf 2018-09-15 1211 KB
AisyKhadijah.ttf 2018-09-14 256 KB
AisyKhadijah-Swashed.otf 2018-09-15 194 KB
AisyKhadijah-Swashed.ttf 2018-09-14 43 KB

Aisy Khadijah font

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This font is FREE for Personal use. its support ligatures and stylistic swashes. I hope it's useful for you.
any Donations are also very Appreciated.
Just click the donate button or contact me on syukursetiyadi@gmail.com
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Aisy Khadijah font download, Aisy Khadijah font.