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Subjectivity font


Subjectivity is a display font family, closely related to the Objectivity typeface. It is a strange experimental typeface that has a geometric skeleton and unusual features. These tails in letters like the a, j, y and t might remind you of calligraphy or hand scripts. The contrast is unique – the thin fonts are monolinear, and the bolder it gets, the higher the contrast. Subjectivity also has a brother – Subjectivity Serif. The tiny serifs only appear in lowercase, and their shape and size are exactly the same everywhere – in every letter, in every weight. Subjectivity can work perfectly in pair with it’s “normal” brother Objectivity. The font family comes in 8 weights, 16 styles, 347 glyphs per font.

Guys, so far I’ve designed 6 font families, 88 fonts and over 30 000 glyphs – and share them for free here! If you want to say thanks – just buy me some coffee. Thank you, I appreciate that!


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