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Sedgwick Ave Display
Sedgwick Ave Display font

Sedgwick Ave Display font

Designed for the Google Doodle celebrating the 44th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop, the Sedgwick Ave project expresses handwritten graffiti letterforms with two designs: This is Sedgwick Ave Display, intended for larger size usage, accompanied by Sedgwick Ave, ideal for text size usage.

They are named after the street in the South Bronx of New York City where hip hop was born.

Display Designer: Pedro Vergani

Text Designer: Kevin Burke

Font Editing: Kevin Burke

Sedgwick Ave Display font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
OFL.txt 2017-08-01 4 KB
SedgwickAveDisplay-Regular.ttf 2017-08-01 136 KB

Sedgwick Ave Display font download, Sedgwick Ave Display font.