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Saira Condensed
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Saira Condensed  font

Saira Condensed 

Saira is a sans serif system. It features a huge range of weights and widths, ready for all kind of typographic challenges.

This is the Condensed family, which is part of the superfamily along with Normal, Semi Condensed, and Extra Condensed, each with 9 weights.

This typeface was designed by Hector Gatti and developed by the Omnibus Type team. To contribute to the project, visit github.com/Omnibus-Type

Saira Condensed font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
OFL.txt 2017-07-31 4 KB
SairaCondensed-Black.ttf 2017-07-31 94 KB
SairaCondensed-Bold.ttf 2017-07-31 94 KB
SairaCondensed-ExtraBold.ttf 2017-07-31 94 KB
SairaCondensed-ExtraLight.ttf 2017-07-31 90 KB
SairaCondensed-Light.ttf 2017-07-31 92 KB
SairaCondensed-Medium.ttf 2017-07-31 93 KB
SairaCondensed-Regular.ttf 2017-07-31 92 KB
SairaCondensed-SemiBold.ttf 2017-07-31 93 KB
SairaCondensed-Thin.ttf 2017-07-31 90 KB

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