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Faustina  font

Faustina font

Faustina was designed by Alfonso Garcia for editorial typography (books, newspapers and magazines) in print and online. Developed by Omnibus-Type Team there are 8 styles: Regular, Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. Faustina is a part of the collection Press Series.

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Faustina font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
Faustina-Bold.ttf 2017-07-31 165 KB
Faustina-BoldItalic.ttf 2017-07-31 152 KB
Faustina-Italic.ttf 2017-07-31 138 KB
Faustina-Medium.ttf 2017-07-31 152 KB
Faustina-MediumItalic.ttf 2017-07-31 156 KB
Faustina-Regular.ttf 2017-07-31 149 KB
Faustina-SemiBold.ttf 2017-07-31 164 KB
Faustina-SemiBoldItalic.ttf 2017-07-31 154 KB
OFL.txt 2017-07-31 4 KB

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