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CharlesWright-Bold font

Crles Wright Font

K-Type Charles Wright is a full typeface in the style of lettering used for British vehicle plates. The standard Bold ‘2001’ style is free for personal use, and has an uppercase which conforms to British registration plate specifications for character heights of 79mm and widths of 50mm.

The full family also includes previously unavailable Medium and Regular weights, and a set of Obliques, each containing a newly designed lowercase. In addition, the licensed typeface includes the lighter ‘Motorcycle’ and wider ‘1935’ versions. These are available from:




CharlesWright-Bold font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/ 2018-07-25 0 B
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/._CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd 2018-07-25 331 B
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/._CharlesWright-Bold.ttf 2016-03-23 330 B
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/ 2018-07-25 0 B
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/._1935PlateSpec.png 2016-03-21 455 B
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/._BikePlateSpec.png 2016-03-21 455 B
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/._PlateSpec.png 2016-03-19 458 B
CharlesWright-Bold/__MACOSX/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/._TXT.rtf 2016-03-25 331 B
CharlesWright-Bold/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/ 2018-07-25 0 B
CharlesWright-Bold/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/1935PlateSpec.png 2016-03-21 5 KB
CharlesWright-Bold/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/BikePlateSpec.png 2016-03-21 5 KB
CharlesWright-Bold/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/PlateSpec.png 2016-03-19 5 KB
CharlesWright-Bold/CharlesWright__NOTICE.rtfd/TXT.rtf 2016-03-25 7 KB
CharlesWright-Bold/CharlesWright-Bold.ttf 2016-03-23 105 KB

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