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As­ket is neu­t­ral neo­gro­tesk type­fa­mi­ly in 58 sty­les – 7 weights in 4 widths with ita­lics and nor­mal width hair with ita­lic. Ty­pe­fa­mi­ly sup­ports Wes­tern, CE, Bal­tic, Tur­kish and Cy­ril­lic en­co­ding lan­guages including lo­ca­li­zed letters for some alpha­bets (bul­garian, ser­bian etc.) All sty­les con­tains small ca­pi­tal for­ms, li­ga­tu­res, sty­lis­tic al­ter­na­tes, case sen­si­ti­ve pun­ctua­tions, li­ning, old­style and small­caps fi­gu­res (in­clu­ding cur­rency and math ope­rators) with ta­bular va­riants, super­scripts and sub­scripts, nu­me­ra­tors and de­no­mi­na­tors. Four sty­les are dis­tri­buted free under CC BY-ND li­cen­se (free for per­so­nal and com­mer­cial use, free dis­tri­bution sub­ject to at­tri­bu­tion).

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